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Tips to de-stress during exam period...

During exam time, everyone is stress and some can't even sleep because keep thinking about the coming exam...
Here's some few tips (applicable to me not sure whether its applicable to other) on how to de-stress..
After studying for some time... we tend to get tired.. so, why not find something to drink or eat to relax ourselve..
For me, i chose "HUP SENG" or "MARIE" biscuit because that's one of my favourite biscuit.. and also choosing from variety of instant drink... 
(eg. instant teh tarik, milo, vico or ovaltine)

Of course, not forgetting to boil some HOT water.. to prepare the drink..

here come's the part where you'll get de-stress... Wooo~~
That's when you drink the HOT and NICE cup of drink with the biscuit you like..

For those who're lazy to make drink, nevermind... you can just get yourself some...
nice biscuit so that it keeps you awake...(munching while studying)
Or, you can find some childhood biscuit.. sure you'll enjoy it..
Some of you will choose to have just simple and hot cup of..

last but not least, maybe some cloud9 will help too..


SinWei said...

Last 2nd pic reminds me of old times leh.. Heh. Joshua sure knows what i'm talking about.

Flower biscuits~ Mmm~ De-Stressing~

January 19, 2011 at 12:16 AM  

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